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Your only guarantee for 100% uptime


100% uptime

Because even a few minutes of downtime means lost revenue


We deliver within 48 hours in the North

Because business opportunities must be seized the moment they emerge


Easy installation, no technician need

Unbox the router and be online in 5 minutes


Security with multichanel technology and data encryption

Because the best possible security is essential


We help industries like these every day.

A robust and secure WAN infrastructure is a determining factor for your company’s future

Eliminate downtime

The increased use of cloud-based solutions increase company dependency on a secure and dependable internet connection and makes companies vulnerable to downtime. We offer the most secure and dependable connection on the market today.

Swift implementation

Preparedness and an agile company structure are of increased import in today’s changing market. We make sure that your internet connection lives up to your ambitions.

No complexity

No need for expensive it-technicians, our solutions can be installed and configured by your most low tech employee.

Unique data-security

Our unique patented solution increases data security. Our technology is used by companies with sensitive information, including the Danish military and various security agencies.

No large investments

IT infrastructure and connectivity does no longer have to be a heavy investment amortized over several years. With our All Inclusive subscription based solutions, 365uptime becomes part of your daily operations costs.

Groundbreaking technology insures 100% uptime.

By combining the mobile and cable connection in one device, we guarantee 100% uptime. Both connections running independently ensures a dependable connection despite a cable being cut or satellite downtime. The same technology is used by military, police and hospitals.

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